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Tissue-Like Pressure Sensors Key to Bionic Breast Project

Around 33% of the 3.8 million female bosom malignant growth survivors in the US today have gone through mastectomy, and upwards of 3/4 of ladies with bosom disease are impacted by sexual brokenness, which is frequently identified with loss of bosom sensation. Another interdisciplinary task at the University of Chicago, the Bionic Breast Project, means to reestablish post-mastectomy bosom capacity and sensation using bionic innovations. The undertaking includes specialists from UChicago's Biological Sciences Division (BSD), University of Chicago Medical Center (UCMC) and the Pritzker School of Molecular Engineering (PME). Stacy Lindau, MD, AM'02, educator of Obstetrics and Gynecology and Medicine-Geriatrics, drives the task, which incorporates Sliman Bensmaia, James and Karen Frank Family Professor of Organismal Biology and Anatomy, and Sihong Wang, aide teacher of sub-atomic designing. As per Lindau, about…
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Valorant’s Latest Patch Lets You Equip Any Skin Level

Games, News and Technology, Sport
Valorant Patch 3.08 is now live and includes a collection of new social and progression updates for players' accounts while also addressing several gameplay bugs that have affected maps and weapons. The update now features a notification option that will alert players to let them know that Riot Games has taken action against their reports, whether they're offline or not, including feedback regarding the initial report. This patch removes 🕷️ that were haunting your game, you can now hide your Account Level from the 👻 in ranked, and we added persistent feedback on your player reports. Read Patch Notes 3.08: https://t.co/La3FBqEeoSpic.twitter.com/mGwfp2ES76 — VALORANT (@PlayVALORANT) October 19, 20213.08 also brings with it several account progression updates including the ability to equip any Account Level Border that has been unlocked as well…
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Harry Styles Role In The Marvel Cinematic Universe

Games, News and Technology, Sport
Harry Styles has officially entered the MCU, after reports back in September that he had been cast for a film. However, after the Hollywood screening of the Eternals, the cat is out of the bag. Warning: This post contains potential spoilers for upcoming Marvel movies--if that's a thing you take seriously, please head to literally anywhere else on the internet instead of continuing to read. Okay, still with us? According to reports from the recent Eternals premiere, pop star and actor Harry Styles has a cameo in one of the film's after-credits scenes. The singer will play Eros (also known as Starfox), an Eternal and the brother of Thanos. This role marks the actor's second major role following Christopher Nolan's Dunkirk, and comes ahead of his role in Olivia Wilde's…
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